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Hello! My name is Randy Land, and I'm a husband, a father of two beautiful children, and occasional musician, but chances are, you've probably found your way here because I'm an award-winning commercial, wedding, and portrait photographer and you desperately need my services!

We've all met photographers that are "lifers"- you know, the ones that grew up with their grandpa's camera in their hands, never remembering a time before photography. It was their life-long dream to take photos, and they could never imagine anything else. 

That was definitely not me. 

I took the long road to this career. I've built houses and bridges, and worked more retail than a person should ever be subjected to. I've worked in restaurants, and toured the country playing music to countless people.

But then, life happened.

I was "downsized" from a management position a few months before our first child was born, and I made the decision to go to school for graphic design. While there, I took a basic photography class to "help my design", and completely fell in love with it. In the seven or so years since then, I've done an immense amount of commercial work- helping to establish Shoe Carnival's e-Commerce identity, and later with Escalade Sports, getting to work with legendary brands such as Bear Archery and more. In addition, I've developed a reputation for a distinct fashion-centric flair for weddings and portraiture, as well as taking on a variety of commercial projects ranging from product to lifestyle.


Because my journey has taken me through so many "adventures", I am very capable of completing most any job that comes my way. Although I am always striving to provide the best work possible, I keep the process light and enjoyable. Music, laughter, and awkward dancing are the foundation of my sessions, whether it's in our beautiful studio, or any location you can imagine.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about what I do, and I hope to get the chance to work with you in creating original and incredible images.